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个人展览 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023年3月3日 4p.m. 4p.m. March 3, 2023
策展 Curator
Zach周 ZKZ
BLANKgallery欣然宣布将于2023年3月3日呈现艺术家林枞的个展:FUTURE。 BLANKgallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition after the recent announced presentation of Lin Cong.
本次展览由Zach周策划,将呈现艺术家2022以来创作的14件全新布面绘画作品。观者可以将整场展览理解为艺术家的阶段性感知,并从创作系统,而非单件作品的角度进入空间及图像。展览将于3月3日晚4-6点开幕, 展览将持续到2023年4月3日。 Curated by Zach Zhou, this solo exhibition will present 14 new paintings by the artist since 2022 which had never been shown. Viewers can understand the entire exhibition as the staged perception of the artist, and enter the space and images from the perspective of a creative system rather than a single work. The exhibition will open at 4-6 pm on March 3, and the exhibition will on view through April 3, 2023.
林枞所建议的未来约等于屏幕。晶体当中的文字和图像彻底系统性层化,以稳定的节奏线性输出;相对易于辨认。而逻辑的幻觉转化为一种公理,终将被形而上的秩序承认为原初形式。似乎讨论一切配置的意义都是愚蠢的:对于刺激的颜色,视网膜表示完全无关紧要。因此,符号被擦除的瞬间,风格的概念也遭到洗劫,灰飞烟灭。无论是神还是凡人,每一台拖延异化的机器无不立刻后悔,挣扎着生成最后一丝残篇: “同质化的身体;异质化的憎恶。语言即寓言,历史已经飞奔向前;它们却看不见。” The future suggested by Lin Cong is about equal to the screen. The text and images in the crystal are completely and systematically layered, and output linearly with a steady rhythm; relatively easy to read. And the logical illusion is transformed into an axiom, which will eventually be recognized as the original form by the metaphysical order. It seems foolish to discuss the significance of all configurations: for the color of the stimulus, the retinal representation is completely irrelevant. Therefore, the moment the symbol is erased, the concept of style is also looted and wiped out. Whether it is a god or a mortal, every machine that delays alienation immediately regrets, struggling to generate the last fragment: "Homogeneous bodies; heterogeneous abominations. Language is fable, history has rushed forward; they But I can't see it."

1984年出生于福建 2006毕业于福建师范大学美术学院油画专业 现工作生活于上海。 重要参展 个展:“FUTURE”,BLANKgallery,上海(2023);“监督式学习”,Art404 Gallery,南京(2021);“编辑器”,妙有艺术,北京(2021); 群展:“混合基因”,Woaw Gallery,北京(2022);“掩映:中日艺术交流展”,东京画廊,北京(2022);“2021中国当代艺术年鉴展”,798艺术中心,北京(2022), “人间”,BLANKgallery,上海(2022);“图像的震撼”,成都市美术馆,成都(2022);“新绿”,妙有艺术,北京(2022);“ Born in Fujian in 1984 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Fujian Normal University Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Major Exhibition Solo: "FUTURE", BLANKgallery, Shanghai (2023); "Supervised Learning", Art404 Gallery, Nanjing (2021); "Editor", Miaoyou Art, Beijing (2021); "Hybrid Gene", Woaw Gallery, Beijing (2022); "Shading: Sino-Japanese Art Exchange Exhibition", Tokyo Gallery, Beijing (2022); "2021 Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition", 798 Art Center, Beijing (2022);" The Human World", BLANKgallery, Shanghai (2022); "The Shock of Images", Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu (2022); "New Green", Miaoyou Art, Beijing (2022);"

林枞 Lin Cong