柏林特快 Berlin Express
展览照片 Exhibition view
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群展 Group Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023/11/07 2023/11/07
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
Aaajiao \李亭葳 \ 何翔宇 \ 沈翰 \ Teresa Murta \ Dennis Scholl \ Emil Urbanek \ Johanna Bath Aaajiao \ Li Tingwei \ He Xiangyu \ Shen Han \ Teresa Murta \ Dennis Scholl \ Emil Urbanek \ Johanna Bath
Berlin Express作为当代艺术的独特见证,通过呈现一个快速和短暂却丰富不已的缩影,呈现柏林这座城市对于艺术的塑造力, 包容力,以及有别于世界上任何一个城市的对于艺术的“容量”: 这种容量是超越地缘政治界限,消除文化障碍,促进来自不同文化背景艺术家,观众的跨文化对话源源不断的城市能量与宽度。本次参展艺术家提取了这其中的精髓,唤起了深刻的体验,并将其转化为深刻的视觉表达,通过丰富的学科与媒介最终汇于一起,包括新锐艺术家以及成熟艺术家共同庆祝和探讨柏林不断塑造全球当代艺术场景的创意遗产。 Berlin Express stands as a distinctive testament to contemporary art scene, offering a pop-up formed but profoundly enriched microcosm. It delineates Berlin as an urban center renowned for its profound artistic influence, inclusivity, and an artistic "capacity" unparalleled by any other global metropolis. This capacity transcends geopolitical boundaries, dismantles cultural impediments, and stimulates an incessant intercultural discourse among artists and spectators stemming from heterogeneous cultural backgrounds, thereby perpetuating the city's enduring artistic dynamism. In this exhibition, the participating artists distill the quintessence of this phenomenon, invoking profound experiences and subsequently transmuting them into profound visual expressions. Employing a myriad of academic disciplines and media, including both up-and-coming and experienced artists, come together to celebrate and explore Berlin's lasting art legacy as it contributes to shaping the global contemporary art scene.
展览作为柏林当代艺术社区动态和多面性的见证,通过并置多媒体与绘画,展出艺术家独特的个体视角。架上作品以柏林绘画为底色深入艺术家的内省感知,延伸出对于虚构世界与当代个体意识的探索。展览整体线索从个体情感的浪漫到反乌托邦意识,从感性私密体验的抒发到理性思虑的回应与主张,每件艺术品都充当了独特的镜头,或者一个入口,为观众提供源于多元生活视角和当代艺术创新的认知范式。 This exhibition serves as a testament to the inherent dynamism and multifaceted nature of Berlin's contemporary art community, juxtaposing multimedia and painting to showcase the unique individual perspectives of the artists. The artworks on display, rooted in the backdrop of Berlin's painting tradition, delve deep into the artists' introspective perceptions, extending into an exploration of fictional worlds and contemporary individual consciousness. The overarching narrative of the exhibition spans from the affective romanticism to a sense of anti-utopian awareness. It transitions from the expressive release of sensual, intimate experiences to the rational contemplation and advocacy of ideas. Each artwork acts as a distinctive lens, or a portal, providing viewers with a gateway to cognitive paradigms derived from diverse life perspectives and contemporary artistic innovation.