浮潜 Flux Zone
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群展 Group Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023年8月26日 August 26, 2023
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
高英普 / 杨威 / 饶维懿 / 大志 / 李子麟 / 赵新宇 / 颜达夫 / 杨熹 / 王玉钰 / 丁世伟 / 安多彬 / 吴厚挺 / 丽贝卡·鲁巴尔卡瓦 / 特蕾莎·穆尔塔 / 布拉姆·金斯伯根 / 王超群 / 林枞 Gao Yingpu / Yang Wei / Rao Weiyi / DAZHI / Li Zilin / Zhao Xinyu / Yan Dafu / Yang Xi / Wang Yuyu / Ding Shiwei / Dabin Ahn / Wu Hou Ting / Rebekah Rubalcava / Teresa Murta / Bram Kinsbergen / Wang Chaoqun / Lin Cong
Flux Zone 是一个不断发生变化的场域。概念来自于电子出入所经过的面和场,但不仅限于电子的流动变化。电子量场即是快速穿梭不断变化的特殊场所,同时寓意着潜力的产生。

场与面,浮与潜,内容和产物一直在可被定义的两级之间不断的流动,从而不可被定义。作品在物理与科技的维度碰撞,也可以在情绪和当代生活的维度生长。 好像连贯地策划更像是自发地组织,如此呈现呼应观者自发地将作品安置在自己的视域和语境中。
Flux Zone is an ever-changing field. The concept comes from the surfaces and fields that electrons pass through as they come in and out, and developed into a broader topic of constant change. A state of flux means rapid shuffle, and implies the generation of potential force.

Surfaces and fields, floating and submerged, content and vision products are constantly flowing between two fixed terminals that can not be defined. Physics and technology collide in the works, as well as emotion and the present. The presentation is seemingly curated, but is more like spontaneous organizing,allowing the viewer to place the work within their own personal space.
本次群展将倡导17位中外新锐艺术家,探讨波动,变化,技术在当代艺术背景下为视觉,生活和哲学所带来的跨学科的可能性。旨在呈现有潜力的艺术语言和关乎当下的艺术体验。 This group exhibition will advocate 17 emerging artists, from China to elsewhere in the world. It explores the interdisciplinary possibilities brought by fluctuations and change to vision, life, and philosophy in the context of contemporary sphere. It aims to present a potential language, and the current artistic experience.