也女 Yet,her
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个展 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023年9月30日 September 30, 2023
策展 Curator
贺潇 Fiona He
贾卉 JIA Hui
延续其一贯地抽象式思维的工作方式,艺术家将色块视为其绘画语言的基本单位,并以其为基础建构出一个有别于既有视觉经验的另类宇宙。由宇宙大爆炸中辩证式的生成,推演至其越发觉醒的女性主义者身份,贾卉通过赋予色块不同的色彩、质感、形态,以及彼此间即兴的并置,勾勒出更为自由的存在框架。 Extending her ongoing work approach that stems from an abstract mode of thinking, the artist considers the color block as the fundamental entity of her painterly lexicon and the basis for constructing an alternative universe that varies from existing visual knowledge. From the dialectical genesis of the Big Bang to her awakened feminist identity, JIA Hui outlines a freer apparatus of existence by assigning these basic entities different colors, textures, and forms and improvising their juxtapositions to one another.