约翰娜·巴斯:肌肤与镜子 Johanna Bath: Flesh, and the Mirror
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个展 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023.12.15 2023.12.15
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
BLANKgallery 上海空间欣然呈现约翰娜·巴斯在亚洲的首次个展,展览将展示17件新作品,延续探索记忆的瞬间性、亲密关系、人类经验以及一系列从她的艺术实践中发展而来的引人入胜的主题。 BLANKgallery is pleased to present Johanna Bath's inaugural solo exhibition in Asia, featuring 17 new works that extend her ongoing series exploring themes of fleeting memories, intimacy, the human experience and a range of captivating subjects that developed from her practice.


Named "Flesh, and the Mirror," the exhibition finds its inspiration in Angela Carter's short story. The narrative follows an unnamed protagonist undertaking a self-discovery expedition in Tokyo, filled with expectations of surreal romantic encounters. Throughout her journey, she remains preoccupied with her imagined world, only to confront her true self when she randomly captures her own body reflection in the mirror. Carter's unique application of structuralism in language, combining both first and third-person narratives, imparts a poetic and reflective quality to the story. This linguistic approach allows audiences engaging with the body of work to become fully immersed in the narrative, experiencing the depth of the protagonist's journey.

Johanna's paintings offer a similar reflective experience, employing a subtly blurred painting technique reminiscent of passing memories. This methodology creates an enigmatic immediacy, compelling viewers to delve into personal moments, forging connections with the depicted stories and the characters within the canvas. Within Johanna's artworks, the depicted characters are drawn from real-life observations yet possess a certain detachment from the tangible individual.

Consistently gracing the canvas, these figures evoke the essence of transient visitors. Their fleeting appearances, like passing guests, leave behind a residue of warmth, melancholy, and an undulating form and figure that fluidly drifts in and out of viewers’mind.

The imagery of natural elements and intimate depictions of the physical body further enrich the immersive proposed experience, contribute to the vivid simulation she presents, inviting viewers to reflect on the inevitable transience of everyday experience.

约翰娜·巴斯(JOHANNA BATH,1980 年生于德国)。约翰娜曾在德国和国外的群展和个展中展出过她的作品。 Saatchi Arts将她评为“值得关注的人物”,她在 2017 年获得了国际观众的认可。她还曾在《Flux》杂志和其他出版物中得到提及。CAC(当代艺术收藏家)将她选入 2022 年新兴艺术家计划,她将于 2023 年末在威尼斯的 Zuecca Projects 和 2024 年初在伦敦的 The Fores Project 进行驻留。她的作品被德国和多个国家的私人收藏。丹麦、挪威、芬兰、瑞典、瑞士、法国、英国、中国、澳大利亚、新西兰、美国、加拿大和南美等全球各地。约翰娜·巴斯 (Johanna Bath) 在德国哈姆生活和工作。 Johanna Bath (b. 1980 in Warendorf, Germany.) Johanna has exhibited her work in group and solo shows across Germany and abroad. She gainedrecognition from an international audience in 2017, thanks to Saatchi Arts classing her as „One towatch“. She has also received mentions in Flux Magazine, among other publications. The CAC(Contemporary Art Collectors) selected her for the Emerging Artist Programme of 2022 and she islooking forward to a residency with Zuecca Projects in Venice late 2023 and The Fores Project inLondon early 2024. Her works are held in private collections in Germany and several countries around the globe such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, the UK, China, Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Canada and South America. Johanna Bath lives and works in Hamm, Germany.

约翰娜·巴斯 Johanna Bath