默片 Silent Picture
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个展 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2024/3/10 16:00-18:30 2024/3/10 16:00-18:30
策展 Curator
万茜 Wan Xi
BLANKgallery上海空间荣幸呈现刘家铭纸本作品个展《默片》。在此次展出的作品中,刘家铭用白色的纸张呈现了数个银幕,用炭笔留下的粉末与块面,触及到更为广阔的空白叙事。艺术家替观者排除色彩的剧本,将所有的故事通过黑白上的力量角逐,演成一出默片。 BLANKgallery Shanghai is honored to present the upcoming exhibition "Silent Picture” by artist Liu Jiaming, showing his sketches on paper created in recent years. Slices of paper in the exhibiting room are presented as several screens, the powder and lumps left by charcoal were used by the artist to touch upon a broader blank narrative. Liu Jiaming eliminated the color script for the viewers, and turned all the stories into a silent picture through the power of black and white.
《带着镣铐起舞》、《一场离奇的手术交易》、《珍珠夫人》、《纵火青年》,作品题目是“间幕”的短暂休憩,刘家铭同时充当着“间幕”的写手,用文字评论着银幕,又用银幕回应着文字。在特意放慢的播放速度中,夸张表演,再旁敲调音器。 "Dancing in Shackles", "A Bizarre Surgical Deal", "Madame Pearl", "Young Man on Fire", the titles of the works are short breaks as “interlude”. Meanwhile Liu Jiaming also served as the writer of the “interlude", using words to comment on the screens, and the screens to respond to the words. He directed the show at a deliberately slow speed, exaggerating the performance, and then tapping the tuner.
随着沙沙落下的炭粉与纸张纤维的摩擦声,刘家铭营造了一种极致的“静”,作品题目则是涌动的暗语,希望观众去寻找这些线索,身体的互动与精神的交流在观看的体验中诞生。正如艺术家的自述:“木炭不可更改的特性,就如同墨水一样,强化我每一个瞬间的思考,使得我能够迅速地将脑海中的即时印象转化到纸本上。在纸本上营造了一些线条和不知名的造型团块,希望能激发出观者内心深处对形态、空间、趣味,乃至对存在本身的新的理解和感受。” 当观众面对银幕时,《默片》已上演。 With the friction sound of falling charcoal powder and paper fibers, Liu Jiaming created an ultimate "quiet". The titles of the works are the surging codes, hoping that the audience will find the clues. The interaction of the body and the communication of the spirit are created through the gesture of watching. As the artist said in his statement: "The unchangeable characteristics of charcoal, just like ink, strengthen my thoughts, allowing me to quickly transform the immediate impressions in my mind onto paper. Some lines and unknown modeling masses are created without specific purpose, hoping to inspire new understanding and feelings of form, space, interest, and even existence itself deep in the viewer's heart." When the audience faces the screen, "Silent Picture" has already been staged.