面纱 The Painted Veil
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个展 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2024.1.26 2024.1.26
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
BLANKgallery 东京欣然呈现艺术家刘家铭的首次画廊个展,面纱。家铭作为画廊代理的新锐艺术家,年轻却成熟的绘画技艺和微妙深刻的哲思概念为当下当代艺术注入了独特的语言和风格。展览的一系列作品以小巧尺寸的群像聚焦于家铭这一时期对于当代情感复杂性的深度探索。由此展开表达内部与外部的情绪状态下如何互相影响,互相塑造,揭示个体与时代的关系。 BLANKgallery Tokyo is pleased to present artist Liu Jiaming’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, The Painted Veil. As an emerging artist represented by the gallery, Jiaming injects an original language and style into the art scene with his fresh yet mature painting skills and subtle, profound philosophical thinking. The series of works in the exhibition, characterized by small-sized portraits, focus on Jiaming's in-depth exploration of contemporary emotions during this period. The artworks unfold an expression of how internal and external emotional states interact, influence each other, and reveal the relationship between the individual and the present time.
如同雪莱这首著名的诗歌所表达 – 别揭开这华丽的面纱,家铭所着笔的群像面孔更是众生相 (原为佛教用语,今泛指世间众人的各种面貌和表现)。面纱往往寓意某种假象,人佩戴着面纱试图借由它完成自己的角色。但尽管面纱固然虚假,却给人探索命运的勇气,给人赋予自己演绎某种角色的权利并以此获得利益和某种结果,更多的,掩盖,隐藏或演绎出某种情感。换句话说,人一生命运都面临着决定佩戴或摘下某种面纱的决策,这如同每当我们如何理解和反思那些面对自己和俗世中可辨别和不可辨别的虚无。 Similar to the expression in Shelley's famous poem – Lift Not the Painted Veil, the portraits are a reflection of the myriad faces of humanity. Veils often symbolize a certain illusion, with individuals wearing them in an attempt to fulfill their roles in real life. Although veils may be deceptive, they provide the courage to explore one's destiny, granting the right to interpret a certain role for personal gain and outcomes. More importantly, veils conceal, hide, or portray certain emotions. In other words, throughout life, individuals face decisions to don or remove a particular veil, akin to how we understand and reflect on the discernible and indiscernible voids within ourselves and the worldly realm.
However, the emotions portrayed in the series of paintings are not negative but rather whimsical, exuding a parable character. This overall presentation imbues the works with a non-confrontational approach, instantly captivates the viewer's feelings. This quality primarily stems from Jiaming's intention to paint and construct images that both reflect and transcend reality. Furthermore, it is more attributed to Jiaming's unique painting technique, which involves using clear and well-defined brushstrokes on a thinly
prepainted background. Despite the images and the figures being frozen and static, the fluidity of the brushstrokes allows the viewer to freely imagine the cause and effect of the images. Ultimately, led to the incandescent point of stories and emotions what we finally see.