记忆 Memories
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群展 Group Exhibition

展期 Opening
2024年1月20日 January 20, 2024
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
李关帅 / 蒋小余 / 李可津 / 高英普 / 于航 / 郑田明 / 王超群 / 赵新宇 / 朱湘闽 / 张海君 / 张炜 / 朱逸舟 / 亓文章 / 张小危 / 范桦晓 / 李子麟 / 刘家铭 / 林枞 Li Guan Shuai / Jiang Xiao Yu / Li Ke Jin / Gao Ying Pu / Yu Hang / Zheng Tian Ming / Wang Chao Qun / Zhao Xin Yu / Zhu Xiang Min / Zhang Hai Jun / Zhang Wei / Zhu Yi Zhou / Qi Wen Zhang / Zhang Xiao Wei / Fan Hua Xiao / Li Zi LIn / Liu Jia Ming / Lin Cong
群展聚焦于艺术家个体的创作方式,他们如何从记忆中感知、重临和想象,并进一步结合他们自己标志性的绘画语言,最终呈现在画布上。这一本身创作过程和记忆在头脑中生成的过程相似,生成记忆的过程本身会促进大脑对于客观事物进行储存和处理,这一过程将不断在不同思维中得以转变和生长。而在当下,记忆不只是从生活中眼见为实而来,更多也许可以从屏幕中获得,从情感冲动中捕捉,从梦境,艺术史中,等等源头获取。这也使得当代艺术场景下绘画中的记忆不仅仅是单薄的一个场景,而更多有关艺术家对于图像的处理方式,有无携带个体意识,理性构建或感性抒发。 The group exhibition focuses on artists' individual creative processes-how they perceive, revisit, and imagine memories, and further delves into how they integrate their distinctive artistic language and ultimately presenting it on canvas. The creative process itself also parallels the formation of memories in the mind: The process of generating memories stimulates the brain to store and process objective experiences over time, undergoing transformation and growth in various modes of thought. In contemporary times, memories are not merely derived from firsthand experiences but can also be acquired from screens, emotional impulses, dreams, art history, and other sources. This complexity expands the concept of memory in painting within the contemporary art scene. It delves into how artists process images, whether in the presence of individual consciousness, or rationally construct, or rather create a form of emotion.
从画面内容,群展同时呈现出一种整体面貌,尤其体现在艺术家如何通过运用冲突性的色彩,表达迷幻和充满感染力的能量和状态,使观者沉浸记忆而与现实拉远,获得慰藉或作为逃离,更或者在其中领悟升华。 From the artworks, the group exhibition is presenting within a unified aesthetic. This is particularly evident in how artists express psychedelic resembled feelings and compelling energies and states through the use of conflicting colors. This immersive experience allows viewers to engage with memories, distancing themselves from reality, seeking solace, using it as an escape, or perhaps finding enlightenment within.