Sweet Spot 甜蜜点 Sweet Spot
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群展 Group Exhibition

展期 Opening
2023年1月8日 下午4-6点 January 8, 2023 4-6pm
策展 Curator
Zoey Zhao Zoey Zhao
Loren Erdrich/ Rosalind Howdle/ Johanna Bath/ Lily Macrae/ Zhou Yan Yu Feier/ YAYA Liang Yajie/ Liu Lu/ Clédia Fourniau Loren Erdrich/ Rosalind Howdle/ Johanna Bath/ Lily Macrae/ Zhou Yan Yu Feier/ YAYA Liang Yajie/ Liu Lu/ Clédia Fourniau

本次群展旨在倡导女性艺术家在承继与前行的道路上向世界诉说她们的独特观点:灵性的、接纳的、博爱的、直觉的,同时直观地展示关于身为一位女性的另一层面:从磨炼中得到的成长,从阴影中汲取的自我激励;最重要的是,将更深层次的 思考应用于服务世界。
Sweet Spot is defined as the leverage point that provides the most power for the least effort, usually find out by the person with a manipulated incentive. Somehow I find the romantic side of this definition. Imagine it from an abstract dimension and possibly implying any meanings in relationships.

This group presentation was inspired by the idea of advocating for female artists who are on their way to establishing their legacy by showing their perspectives of the world: spiritual, accepting, loving, intuitive, while never shying away from showing about the other dimension of being a woman: the growth that came from pain, the self-motivation that came from darkness, but most importantly, to strategically serve the world with what is beneath.
本次群展的主题核心在于“瞬间”;这个“瞬间”是关键的,直观的,是脱离繁冗的念 头。换句话说,这是宇宙决定让一个人在此刻作为欲望的标志的转折点;它是转瞬 即逝的,它的意义在于作为我们活着的依据,也是我们作为人类在持续追逐的东西。

对于亲密保持开放是女性天生的礼物,艺术是一种主动和勇敢地表达脆弱的方 式。与艺术品相遇,让人拥有属于艺术家的亲密时刻,分享女性的精神力。

The show grew out of a moment-centric theme. That instant is critical because it is intuitive and free of contemplative thoughts. In another word, the tipping point where the universe decided to let a person be at the moment as a signifier of desire. It is fleeting yet has a valuable component that proves that we live, which is what we are continually chasing as humans. The idea of manipulation, is fundamentally a want investigation that humans planned to lure themselves into, which further criticizes the inherited narcissism of human being.

Exposing vulnerabilities via art and being open to intimacy is an inherent gift of women. Meeting the artwork allows a person to own an intimate moment belongs to the artist and share in a women’s spirit.

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