再靠近一点 Be Closer
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个展 Solo Exhibition

展期 Opening
2024/04/12 16:00-18:00 2024/04/12 16:00-18:00
策展 Curator
赵蕴资 Zoey Zhao
BLANKgallery上海空间欣然呈现代理艺术家王超群与画廊的第三次个人展览:再靠近一点。本次展览主要汇聚王超群近两年的新作品,探讨艺术家对于类人结构以及独特空间探索的绘画上如何继续延伸,以此绘画主体表达个体自我意识的碰撞和漫游。 BLANKgallery Shanghai is delighted to present the third solo exhibition of the represented artist Wang Chaoqun: "Be Closer”. This exhibition showcases Wang Chaoqun's new works from the past two years. It reveals how the artist continues to extend the exploration of humanoid structures and unique spatial perspectives in painting, thereby expressing the collision and wandering of individual self-consciousness through the painting subject.

Compared to previous series, the works displayed in this exhibition delve deeper into spatial exploration, with more diverse changes in humanoid forms. Particularly, the lights designed within the canvas to achieve balance and transparency, allowing the paintings to have greater freedom. With the new works, the artist gradually returns to the study of the human body, incorporating anatomical perspectives, enhancing familiarity between the audience and the works, while forming seemingly familiar symbols that are nevertheless elusive.

The series of paintings adheres to the artist's painting "principle", avoiding absolute realism to a certain extent, and presenting itself uniformly in a cold abstract form on each canvas. It is through the collection of tangible life scenes, the synthesis of sensibilities, and the reorganization of consciousness that a unique language of expression is created.

"Be Closer" represents the artist's self-reflection on creation and the process of continuously establishing a connection with the self. By painting at a spiritual level, the artist's relationship with the artwork becomes more similar to a reciprocal information given to the creator, serving as a mirror for the audience to explore cognitive dimensions.

Paintings, sometimes it is more of an unspoken understanding. What cannot be described may be a certain consensus within consciousness, akin to the existence of beauty, both abstractly sensual and evenly rational, only to be comprehended and understood individually.

王超群 Wang Chaoqun