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七个艺术家联展 Group Exhibition of Seven Artists

展期 Opening
July 7 - August 1 2018 July 7 - August 1 2018
3个画廊在展览中呈现的一共7个艺术家具有非常多元的背景和视角。 A total of 7 artists presented by 3 galleries in the exhibition have very diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
现今数码媒介艺术的领军人物之一Jennifer Steinkamp同时激发视觉,身体及空间感知的作品;Roe Ethridge持续挑战商业与艺术摄影的界限,他的摄影作品看似毫不费力,又及其细腻而强烈。Condo伦敦的创始画廊之一Project Native Informant带来伦敦艺术家Flo Brooks新近绘画作品,呈现由其社会及家庭身份出发的日常写照;另一位生活于纽约跨领域艺术家Juliana Huxtable,活跃于写作,表演,DJ及夜生活文化等方方面面,其游离的性别身份也是她不断探寻的话题,在此次展览中将看到她一个月前刚完成的布面新作。 Among them, greengrassi brings the works of Jennifer Steinkamp, one of the leading figures in digital media art, which simultaneously stimulate visual, physical and spatial perception; Roe Ethridge continues to challenge the boundaries between commercial and artistic photography. His photography works seem effortless, yet delicate and strong. Project Native Informant, one of the founding galleries of Condo London, brings the recent paintings of London artist Flo Brooks to present the daily portrayal of his social and family identity; Another interdisciplinary artist living in New York, Juliana Huxtable, is active in writing, performing, DJing, nightlife culture and other aspects. Her dissociative gender identity is also a topic she continues to explore. In this exhibition, she will see her new fabric work just completed a month ago.
BLANKgallery 呈现的三位艺术家中,新晋马来西亚艺术家Haffendi Anuar在去年获得伦敦Cass基金会雕塑奖项并完成Powerhouse委托项目后,此次将展出他全新的雕塑系列反映其对东南亚现代化进程的理解;蒲英玮在去年个展之后,近期在巴黎的项目更感性的展现了其个人身份的思考,本次展出的作品围绕图像符号虚构隐喻,将是他一个新系列的开端;而钟云舒源于其去年伊朗驻地项目的思考与日常物件材料在展览空间中呈现玩笑般的平衡结合。 Among the three artists presented by BLANKgallery , Haffendi Anuar, a new Malaysian artist, won the sculpture award of the London Cass Foundation last year and completed the project entrusted by Powerhouse. His new sculpture series will be displayed this time to reflect his understanding of the modernization process in Southeast Asia; After his solo exhibition last year, Pu Yingwei's recent project in Paris more emotionally demonstrated his thinking about his personal identity. His works in this exhibition revolve around the imaginary metaphor of image symbols, which will be the beginning of his new series; Zhong Yunshu's reflection on the Iran resident project last year and the playful balance of daily objects and materials in the exhibition space.