所有的树都会开花 Emotional Labour
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何逸飞个展 He Yifei solo exhibition

展期 Opening
May 26 - July 1 2018 May 26 - July 1 2018
何逸飞在创作中不断研究与实践物的在场和再现,并试图运用对图像和物体的直觉来解锁作品与空间的关系。绘画对于她来说是一个不停发现,并引入其它思维框架的过程,而不是一个持续呈现的过程。 He Yifei constantly studies and practices the presence and resurrection of objects in the artcreation, and tries to use her intuition of images and objects to unlock there relationship between her artworks and space. Painting to her is a process in which she never stops discovering and introducing other thinking patterns, rather than simply a process of continuous presentation.
In her work, painting attempts to get rid of its role as a tool and constantly becomes a new starting point. She is concerned about discovering the possibility between painting and structure in the process of painting, and rethinking the process of art creation and the boundary of painting.In the abstract framework extended from painting and space, and constituted with the space unprocessed/interfered, the space brush-processed/unprocessed, and the spaceoccupied/vacant, from the original creator and space to the viewers, art works and space, the placement of body during this period becomes the key of He Yifei's exploration.
The presence of more that 20 tons of sand and gravel in the exhibition space, makes it difficult to distinguish the party in a passive concealed state out from the space, the canvas and the mound. The artist is not an emotional labour in the scene, but as an introduction to the space that exists in the folds of the mound, thus opening up the perception of time and space in the exhibition scene. Painting, in the space it creates, transcends the existence of images, and becomes the boundary of an event and a shareable starting point. In this process, she tries to move painting from the passive physical space into the conscious space. From Pierre Bourdieu's view, artworks only exist after establishing contact with the viewer. Here, painting as a reflectionon space, while space and painting as witnesses to the establishment of a relationship, extends an invitation to space imagination.