蒲英玮与吉姆·汤普森建筑事务所 Pu Yingwei And Jim Thompson Architects
展览照片 Exhibition view
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蒲英玮个展 Pu Yingwei solo exhibition

展期 Opening
Sept 16 - Oct 28 2017 Sept 16 - Oct 28 2017
BLANKgallery 荣幸宣布,蒲英玮最新展览“蒲英玮与吉姆·汤普森建筑事务所”即将于2017年9月16日开幕。本次展览呈现了蒲英玮持续三年的针对边缘城市的研究实践,并以法国七十年代兴起的乌托邦思潮和集体主义建筑的历史与艺术家自身的背景相重叠,同时挪用了吉姆·汤姆森这一神秘的东方文化的迷恋者作为自身的反面展开辩证的双重叙事。艺术家运用影像、装置、摄影、绘画、出版物等多种媒介,展现他作为全球化语境下个体身份的流变与徘徊。在由多重历史与文化所叠错的缝隙中,艺术家试图以个人的经历来实现一种情感弥合,隐喻并重新勾勒“身份”与“故土”的记忆图景。展览即将持续至10月28日。 BLANKgallery is honored to announce the opening of Pu Yingwei’s latest exhibition Pu Yingwei and Jim Thompson Architects on 16 September 2017. This exhibition represents Pu Yingwei’s three-year practical research on edge cities; it uses the pervasive climate of utopianism and the history of collectivist architecture that flourished in France during the 70s to overlap with the artist’s personal background, it also borrows from the mysterious figure of Jim Thompson, an enthusiast of oriental culture, as the other side of the artist himself to open up a dialectical dual narration. The artist uses various media including video, installation, photography, painting, publication, etc. to represent the flux and lingering of his individual identity under the context of globalization. Amid the gaps of overlapped history and culture, the artist attempts to bring forth a kind of emotional compensation through his personal experience, metaphorising and re-sketching the reminiscent imagery about “identity” and “motherland”. The exhibition will continue until 28 October.