爱之盛夏 Summer of love
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携手设计共和 in collaboration with Design Republic

展期 Opening
June 13 - Sept 10 2018 June 13 - Sept 10 2018
BLANKgallery携手Design Republic(设计共和),将呈现展览项目Summer Of Love,致敬1967年发生于洛杉矶的“爱之盛夏”,并共同探讨GEN-WE(即Generation We,“我们一代”)的城市生存法则。融合Design Republic建筑空间与家具,本次展览艺术家包括王凝慧,唐嘉豪,杨丹凤,哈芬迪·安努亚,刘卫,李亭葳,蒲英玮,谢燚,沈翰,王玉钰。 BLANKgallery, in collaboration with Design Republic, will present Summer Of Love, an exhibition that pays tribute to the "Summer of Love" that took place in Los Angeles in 1967, and explores the GEN-WE (Generation We) approach to urban survival. “(Generation We). Fusing Design Republic's architectural spaces with furniture, the artists in this exhibition include Alice Wang, Ben Tong, Danful Yang, Haffendi Anuar, Lau Wai, Li Tingwei, Pu Yingwei and Xie Yingwei. Pu Yingwei, Xie Yi, Shen Han and Wang Yuyu.