是小波 Shi Xiaobo
出生 Born
江苏,1985 Jiangsu, 1985
教育 Education
2011年毕业于中国美术学院公共艺术学院壁画系 2011 Graduated from the Department of Mural Painting, School of Public Art, China Academy of Art
是小波特别关注绘画作为表现媒介和系统的定义,抛开对客观世界和概念的依赖,重视绘画的创作过程,重新引入色彩,形状和颜料深度等元素,从而在观看中重塑重量感和感受鲜明的物理存在,其浓缩的视觉表达在非具象世界内部嵌入新的形体模式,将自我体验转化为模糊而富有隐喻性的线条,建构在绘画和雕塑中,寻找极简主义之后丢失的绘画的象征。同时,他在创作中不断审视混乱与和谐之间的平衡,努力寻找一种协调客体和比喻的方式,以将作品置于现实和想象的交点。 Shi Xiaobo who is particularly concerned with the definition of painting as a medium and system of expression, leaving behind the reliance on the objective world and concepts, valuing the creative process of painting, reintroducing elements such as colour, shape and depth of paint, thus recreating a sense of weight and feeling a distinct physical presence in the viewing, its condensed visual expression embedding new patterns of form within the non-figurative world, translating self-experience into vague and metaphorical lines In his paintings and sculptures, he seeks to find the symbols of painting that have been lost since Minimalism. At the same time, he constantly examines the balance between chaos and harmony in his work, striving to find a way to reconcile object and metaphor in order to situate his work at the intersection of reality and imagination.